Naturopath in Fremantle

A healthier, happier you. Naturally, holistically.

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Find the underlying cause of your symptoms and treat them naturally, with food, herbs, supplements, flower essences and lifestyle changes.


Embrace the gentle art of muscle monitoring to better understand your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


It all starts here. If your digestion is not functioning well the rest of your body may suffer. Poor nutrient absorption, inflammation, low energy.

Discover the underlying health issues that stop you from feeling well.

Once we understand what’s causing your symptoms, we can treat them, naturally. 

A customised program.

We’ll develop a program built on nutrition, herbs, flower essences, muscle testing, kinesiology balances and/or lifestyle changes to support restoration of your health and vitality.

Upcoming workshops

Spring Detox

4 weeks, starting Thurs 28th Sept, 6.30pm 

COST: $210 (all 4 workshops)

Group detox & workshop

Join our 4 week detox workshop. Benefit from the accountability and support of a group. We’ll meet weekly to share progress, highs and lows, and ...
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Our Fremantle practice is conveniently located in Parry Street.

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